3 Legal service delivery trends: legal crowdsourcing, boosting productivity and renewed centralization of legal services

Legal crowdsourcing, excellent service delivery centre, low cost solutions, effective centralization due to globalization. These are just a few of many factors mentioned in the Deloitte studie on “the future trends of Legal Counsels”.

We help you to stay update in just minutes providing a summary of 3 highlights on legal service delivery. 

1. Legal crowdsourcing; lower cost higher quality

The knowledge of one single lawyer often is not sufficient enough to solve multiple, international and complex problems that businesses are facing. The availability of legal crowdsourcing is providing a low cost, high quality solution for these complexer problems. Crowdsourcing is referring to online knowledge platforms based on artificial intelligence (AI). It is smart way to use the knowledge available in a more user-friendly way. Crowdsourcing is a trend and quickly becoming a more commonly used tool for  lawyers/legal counsels.

2. Centralization and blurring global boundaries

Legal Counsels of international companies often work in multi-profession-teams to solve these complex problems companies come across. Availability of user-friendly, easy-to-access and high quality technology make it much easier and more effective to work together internationally. Blurring global borders. Deloitte researchers show a centralizing trend of legal services. Companies are working towards Legal Shared Services Centers to provide excellente service delivery.

“Providing excellent service delivery has shown to be ‘the’ factor that sets aside the good from the successful law service providers (link to articles and reports at ‘want to learn more). More and more law firms and legal counsels understand this reality. They are working to achieve ‘excellent at legal service delivery’. In this way legal counsel can spin the companies productivity, solving legal issues more effectively. Law firms build a more loyal client-base this way.”

3. Law service delivery can spin productivity 

Legal Counsels, according to the Deloitte report, could have a crucial role, to help mitigate the risks the company is facing. But only if lawyers become more adept at:

  • business 
  • process and
  • program management.

Business and team skills and talent needed from both lawyers as legal counsels

These days, being a ‘good lawyer’ means more than providing best legal solutions from behind a desks or in a courtroom. For both legal counsels as well as lawyers working in teams of multi-profession and multi-nationalities has become a common reality. A different business-skill set is needed.

Being a team member in an international legal counsel of working as a lawyer on an international job  a certain skill set. Law firms and companies are looking for lawyers with following set of skills (Gear up your law profit):

  • excellent legal skills
  • excellent communications skills
  • excellent business skills and business, government or organization knowledge of the market they focus on
  • projectmanagement skills (including process and program skills)
  • excellent at working with new technologies
  • continues learning


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