Alexandra Wright (executive coach & communications strategist)


Senior communications strategist and certified executive coach who has worked for some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies, a number of boutique organizations, and everything in between. Career highlights include seven years with Royal Dutch Shell in London, UK, three years with BP America’s North American team and more recently working directly for the president of a Canadian university.

Alexandra is a big-picture thinker skilled in reputation and risk management, leadership coaching and strategy, corporate identity and crisis communication. Extensive experience with media relations, strategy and planning, people and issues management, financial and corporate PR, and advertising.

She holds a BA in Linguistics, a Diploma in Public Relations and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching. She has both British and Canadian citizenship and is a lover of the great outdoors, travel and adventure, and spending time with intriguing people! She is a yoga enthusiast, a decent cook and a fan of architecture and design.

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Sinds uw kindertijd heeft u verkoopvaardigheden. Hoe vaak heeft uw moeder u toch een snoepje gegeven nadat ze u eerst nee had verkocht.

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